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Ayush kwatha can be consider as a gem immunity booster  act against all the viral diseases this immunity booster  also gives relief from cough , common cold which occurs due to the presence  of rhino virus .

The included medicine of ayush kwatha is helpful to promote to digestion and helps to get relief from respiratory conjestion etc. improving  body strength is the another peculiarity of ayush kwatha so that ,we can make a practice by giving this to our children to build up a healthy generation

The herbs which we used to develop ayush kwatha plays an important role in our health system to protect our body from disease and offer a variety of health benefits including mental health

Panel of Doctors

NEEROZHUKKIL AYURVEDA  is committed to high quality authentic ayurveda health care . all our doctors are deeply passionate & highly trained about precision ayurvedic healing.


Neerozhukkil kannan vaidyan

specialized in balachikitsa

Neerozhukkil Gopalan vaidyan


Dr. Parvathy Sabu

chief physician at swasthya ayurveda & Wellness

All our doctors are well experienced & are proficient in ayurvedic panchakarma & other authentic treatment protocols. All together our doctors consult thousands of patients per year, serves as the evidence to the dedication & passion of our healers have towards ayurveda.

  • Dr. Lohya sabu
  • Mrs. Lucine Lohya ( clinical psychologist & yoga acharya )
  • Dr. Anjali sabu
  • Dr. Deepak Raj

About Us

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A Heritage of neerozhukkil vaidyashala ,since-1910 has a legacy of more than 100yr. NEEROZHUKKIL VAIDYASHALA’S aim is to provide proper care to all NEW MOM’S  & BABIES in the most traditional way.

NEEROZHUKKIL KANNAN VAIDYAN is THE FATHER OF OUR VAIDYASHALA, he was specialized in BALA CHIKITSA ( Pediatrics). The oil & herbs used for our new moms & babies are prepared and preserved  at our vaidyashala with premium quality herbs in the most traditional way with out addind any adultrents. 

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Just wanted to say thanks for yesterday – the pep talk really helped – he has been rather down about the whole thing (which happens from time to time) for the last few days and he was much more positive after your encouraging words – so thanks – that was above and beyond!

Hillary Green

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My physical therapist is excellent! The whole office is very friendly and helpful. Physio is absolutely outstanding. Thank you very much for your great, attentive service…

Veronica Simpson


For anyone out in West Auckland looking for a physio, I recommend Adam Wheeler. He took care of our league team this year and showed her worth – diligent, caring and onto it, with many years experience in the industry as well as other areas. He is awesome and hero man!

Microsoft New York

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